Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Currently reading....

The always brilliant (well, maybe not How To Be Good) Nick Hornby's The Polysyllabic Spree, a comilation of his columns in the Believer magazine on the books he reads and means to read. It's often insightful, always funny. Highly recommended.

Once I'm done, I'm reading Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (The Virgin Suicides).

I have been less than prolific with my reading for the latter part of the year, possibly because my commute got cut by half an hour each way when I moved from Astoria to Orchard St. Not that I'm complaining, but I miss being able to sit down and absolutely destroy a book before I get to work. I took me forever to read Stephen Kinzer's All the Shah's Men and Richard Russo's Empire Falls (both very excellent), and I read a good chunk of Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris (a little disppointing other than "the Santaland Diaries" (you can listen to David Sedaris read this at and "Dinah the Christmas Whore") whilst waiting for the bus at PA.

So my resolution for 2005? Read more while not in transit. And I'm more than happy to take book recommendations - I usually try to alternate between fiction and non-fiction but I'm game for pretty much anything that's good.

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