Tuesday, November 09, 2004

More NYC marathon stuff

26.2 miles of multi-tasking by Darren Rovell of ESPN who ran the race on Sunday.

Couple of excerpts:
If someone is running the marathon in a costume or is attempting to be evenly mildly creative, odds are extremely high that they are either Irish or British. I spoke to a decked out Scoobie Doo and an Elvis, both of whom were from England and beat me. Note that these are the same people who are sampling beer instead of trying on the new brand of "blister-free" socks at the Marathon expo. To be fair, there were two Americans dressed up as SpongeBob SquarePantses. Not sure what the plural is there.


Running through Central Park on the final miles was incredible. Except for a young girl holding up a sign that said, "Don't Bonk." This, of course, was referencing the Powerbar commercial, which first ran four years ago, which heeded active athletes not to run out of energy. That's nice, tell your kid to hold up a sign that says "Don't Fail." Perhaps her parents were unaware that "Bonk" is the British slang term for sex. I'm sure a lot of Brits got a good final kick out of a young American holding a sign that said, "Don't Have Sex."

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