Sunday, November 07, 2004


I really don't have a good reason for linking this article. I just wanted to type "assvertising".

BBC SPORT | A word from our sponsors

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In a world where Arsenal have sold the name of their new stadium to an airline, Total Network Solutions sit proudly on top of the Welsh Premier League, and Manchester United endorse a well-known razor manufacturer as their 'Official Male Grooming Partner', what other areas could possibly be left for the money men to exploit?

The answer, it seems, is footballers' backsides.

Thanks to a recent change in the regulations governing kit sponsorship, teams can now have a company name emblazoned on the back of players' shorts.

Hard-up Leeds United have recently taken advantage of the new rules, following local rivals Scunthorpe - a club apparently chosen by their off-road short sponsors because: 'Like the Jeep brand, Scunthorpe combines ruggedness with style...'

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