Friday, November 05, 2004

Not so angry any more, but still in a daze. And also, "tragicomical"

So Maureen read my blog and raised a good point - as someone who can't vote and can freely go back to Japan if things continue down the spiral staircase of fuckedupness, why was I so damn angry?

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Well, the simple answer is that nothing pisses me off more than willfull ignorance and incompetence. But I think a bigger reason is that I have such high expectations of you 'Mer'cans. The Founding Fathers made sure that there were checks and balances of power. They made sure that the power was not concentrated in one person or institution. They wanted to prevent a tyranny of the majority or the minority. They wanted to make sure religious dogma did not become policy.
They created this wonderful document that works perfectly well 200 years later.

And you're pissing it all away. It's painful. The absence of honest political discourse, the neglect of democratic institutions, the compromises of core ideals in exchange for power - it's appalling. And it is because I admire the system (if not always the execution), that I get so angry, that you have something that's so great, and it's going wasted.

I'm not so angry any more though. Just disbelief. Probably like how Boston Red Sox fans felt last week, minus the euphoria and the stale beer smell.

Short of breaking off into the American Progressives and the Reasonables, I just hope the Democrats do their damndest to provide some degree of checks and balances. I want lame duck Democrats to lame duck like a motherfucker until they leave Washington. And the survivors have to spoil the pork fest and contest all extremist Supreme Court Justice nominees Dubs props up there.

And I don't want to hear how out of touch the Blue States are with the rest of America. Who decided that the Red States are the real America, and Blue States are somehow the lunatic fringe? This was no landslide. We're all out of touch.
I just wish the Red States voters would look beyond the GOP's characterization of the opposition. Please, for the love of Odin, take the rhetoric with at least a grain of salt - that goes for both sides, really.

Finally best wishes to Chief Justice Rehnquist and Mrs Edwards. They have tough battles ahead, and I hope they come through.

PS - BigSoccer poster nicephoras has a much more coherent, better informed version of my anti-Democratic rant.

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