Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Linkatharsis: I choo choo choose you!

For whatever reason, this is turning into a light posting week. As always, I don't know when it's going to pick up. It could be later today or next Tuesday. Well, The OC recap should still be coming on Friday as long as I don't miss it. For the time being, all the action is on the sidebar.

  • Boston here we come, right baaack where we staaaarted from

  • A picture is worth a thousand words. But when Cobrasnake finds a guy trying to take all 10 spots in next week's Blue States Lose, then, well...

  • An actual IMversation, more or less:
    giantschlong_nyc: I have a major writer's block. i can't think of shit to write about.
    fauxy: haha
    giantschlong_nyc: i'd do a linkatharsis but there isn't anything linkworthy
    fauxy: link to my post about cheese, bitch
    giantschlong_nyc: ok
    Or something like that. Lesson of the day: if you want me to do something, insult me.

  • I'll link to any post that includes that Gravediggaz picture. Seriously. One of the great memories in childhood was when some people in hip hop were seriously suggesting that "horror core" was going to be a viable subgenre.

    Then again, who would have believed before 1994 that a bunch of kung fu loving kids from Staten Island, essentially nine black Quentin Tarantinos, would become one of the most influential acts in hip hop? And I guess MF Doom and the rest of the Stone's Throw Records stuff are offshoots of what Gravediggaz started.

  • At least I'm more prolific than Zach Braff. He checks in after a 2-month absence to report that he still loves us all. Then again, if I were sharing communicable diseases with Mandy Moore on the regular, I probably wouldn't be posting as much either.

  • Bill Simmons is growing more and more eh for me - the last time I enjoyed his material was the email exchange he had with Ralph Wiley shortly before Wiley passed away - and Curious Guy, his new email interview series doesn't reverse the trend. Last week's interview with Josh Schwartz was super self indulgent and this week with Chuck Klosterman is much of the same. Still, it's Chuck Klosterman.

  • Flickr's marriage with Yahoo hasn't left everyone satisfied. Earlier, there was a threat of mass suicides over the required merging of Yahoo and existing Flickr accounts, and now over Yahoo text ads next to pictures.

    I haven't noticed this actually - does this only happen to non-Pro users? And are text ads anything to get worked up over? Does anyone even notice the Google text ads that pop up next to search results and on some blogs? Do people confuse advertising with endorsement when it is clearly labeled "Ads from Yahoo"? Blah.

    Look, I'm as bothered by branding of everything and anything, and the current mentality of turning everything in our lives into advertising media. But really, it's a frickin' text ad. For a free photo hosting/sharing service (and fucking wonderful one at that).

  • So, like, no one's going nuts over Pitchfork's Wolf Parade review, which falls short of Late Registration but beats out Clap Yeah, right?. Especially if you're like Sexy Results! Ian and have the formula down.

  • Fat Asian Baby finds love on Myspace.

  • Turns out, I was years, nay, a whole decade ahead of the latest trend.

  • Tomorrow is the first anniversary of podcasting. Who knew? How did we ever live without podcasting? The mind boggles.
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