Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sort-of free Ben Folds show in 2 weeks

I'm probably the only Ben Folds-listening blogger in NY, but here goes anyway. The folks at Sony have been bombarding me with Ben Folds-related mailings, but this, I'm intrigued by.
Tuesday, April 26 at 8pm at Tower Records/Lincoln Center in New York City (1961 Broadway @ 66th Street) Starting Friday April 22 at 9am, pre-buy the Ben Folds Songs for Silverman CD at Tower Records Lincoln Center and you will receive a wristband which will grant you access to this Special Performance. Immediately following the performance Ben will be signing copies of the new CD. (Wristbands & space are limited)
I could totally do this, if I could just get over my fear of going above 23rd Street.

I most likely will not attend his show at Town Hall on May 10. I don't know, I enjoy his shows enough but I can't justify paying $27.50+Ticketmaster fee for a show that I'm not going to totally rock out at.

And I'm definitely not doing this:
Be Part Of The Studio Audience When Ben Folds Performs On Carson Daly!
Here's an amazing opportunity to be a part of BEN FOLDS' performance on LAST CALL with CARSON DALY show on Monday, April 25th. Our friends at 1iota Productions are looking for diehard fans to be a part of this taping. The show will take place in New York City. If you are one of the lucky fans ultimately and exclusively invited, know that you are an integral part of the show!
Wigga please. I've gone to a few TV show tapings in the city, and I have to say, Carson Daly ranks at the bottom. He has absolutely zero rapport with the audience and doesn't help matters with his passive aggressive comments about the audience.

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