Friday, April 15, 2005

Friday PM music drive by

  • Like tens of thousands of internetizens, I was jamming the TicketWeb site yesterday at 5 pm trying to get tickets for that super top secret Beck show at Hiro Ballroom tonight. But alas, I couldn't get on the site and when the page finally loaded at 5:05 pm, this is what I got.


    But someone did get ticks..... and gave it away. Double damn.

  • Speaking of shows not attended by me, I missed the Asobi Seksu show at Mercury last night. I like them a lot, and if you haven't seen them, go. But honestly, they only have a limited playlist right now and I feel like once I've seen one show, I've seen them all. But fear not, they will be hitting the studio in June, so they should be rolling out new material soon enough.

    Some "Ouch" from Coolfer.
    One way to sell a lot of records: Die. With sales down about 9% for the year, market leaders like Universal Music Group could really stand to have a tour plane or three crash into the side of a mountain. Insensitive maybe, but in terms of pure sales it's the truth.

    Mitch Hedberg was pretty popular before he died, but he never reached #24 on
    True, but still sad. I think I need to go out and download Mitch All Together.

  • Why don't people tell me about these things? Gift of Gab @ Southpaw? Seriously. I need to be informed of this kinda stuff so I can plan accordingly.

  • Okay, I think it's time to get down and do my real job, like doing up an OC recap. Happy Tax Day!

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