Sunday, March 06, 2005

You came in with the breeze - Sunday morning posting

So it's been a bit hectic. Work has been kicking my ass in a major way. It should slow down a bit in a few days. It sucks that I'm working too hard to do my job hunt. So here's what's been going on.
  • My girlfriend left me. Well no, not like that. She's doing a 6-month internship in DC so I'll see her a couple of times a month. Still, I spend my nights drinking too much wine, gorging on chocolate and blasting "All By Myself".
  • As if I needed a metaphor for how my week was going I got shat upon by pigeons. Yes, pigeons. Not one, not two, but not three. The good news is, I took full advantage of the nice restrooms at the Crate & Barrel on Broadway at Houston.
  • I have a couple of unprofitable projects coming up. They're so unprofitable, if I'm successful enough, I stand to get sued by adidas (Iason knows about this one) and Isiah Thomas. I'll keep y'all posted as things develop.
  • If you were wondering what happened to Jake Bronstein's wallet and didn't visit, wonder no more, he got it back. The story's a little wordy, but still worth reading. Though it really raises more questions than it answers. Also, an observation: there sure is a lot of male nudity in Jake Bronstein's life.
  • Asobi Seksed it at the SESAC/Giant Robot benefit at Rothko on Thursday night. Asobi was as gun as ever - I like them enough listening on my iPod, but it's a band that has to be seen live to be appreciated. Daddy was okay, though I can't decide if the "Daddy loves you" stage banter added or took away from their music, and Elkland didn't do much from me.

  • No new OC on Thursday but we still got a new TVgasm entry, and it's a good one: The OC: How To Fix The OC I must say, I agree with #1, #2... well hell, all of them. Look, I still enjoy an episode here and an episode there, but the storylines have become painfully forced.
  • Dook vs Carolina today. Woo.

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