Thursday, March 03, 2005

NY Post: sneakerheads = Carrie Bradshaw

After reporting on last week's horrific "Sneaker Riot", the printed little sister of Fair & Balanced is still fascinated with the newly discovered sneakerhead culture, it seems.

The article in today's Post and this is the basic take:
"Guys go crazy for sneakers in the way that girls go crazy for Manolo Blahniks," says Jimmy Jellinek, editor in chief of Complex magazine, a sneaker collector's bible.

The article points out that many of these guys are sneaker hunting so they can put them on eBay, and name drops a couple of Downtown shops, Bape and Alife, but Reed Space, the site of last week's brawl, goes conspicuously unmentioned.

I have to agree that dropping anything more than $100 on sneakers is a wee bit crazy. Full disclosure: I have paid $100 on sneakers once, my current Adidas running shoes. My girlfriend makes fun of me for all the snekers I own, but all of my casual sneakers cost $30 to $70, and I only own like 7 pairs of them things after doing some spring cleaning last year. Me sane, them crazy.

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