Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Law & Order: Orchard Street

Yesterday, the world wide interblogosphere was abuzz (well, Curbed and ToTC anyway) about this Flickr entry by tangentialism:

...with the following caption:
I'm sort of envisioning this guy meeting his mugger over steak frites at Schiller's Liquor Bar and talking over whether he can have his wallet back. His confrontational pose in the polaroid doesn't exactly help his cause. Good luck, guy.
But turns out, this story might have a happy ending, as the now semi-famous victim tells his side of the story in, wait for it, his own blog entry.

"I JUST GOT A CALL... THEY ACTUALLY HAVE MY WALLET. I'LL LET YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS", reports the victim, Jake Bronstein. Who is "they"? The cops? The mugger? We shall see, I guess. And it will only be a matter of time before the mugger gets his own Blogger account.

Update: Curbed readers inform us that Jake Bronstein is a Road Rules alum. Hey, whaddayaknow. Oh, and Jake's blog isn't the safest site to be viewing at work, fyi.

In other Orchard Street crime news, a scuffle, or as the NY Post bills it in a typical Post understatement, a "SNEAKER RIOT" broke out outside The Reed Space over some limited edition Nike Dunks. Believe it or not, after camping out for as long as 3 days in the snow and the cold, sneakerheads get a little agitated when people cut in line.

I did notice this towards the bottom of the article though - "Cops said no arrests were made in the scuffle, although a man was cuffed, and cops found a knife and a baseball bat at the scene." It appears the Baseball Furies and the Lizzies are hanging out in the Lower East Side these days.

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