Thursday, February 24, 2005

Wal-Mart in Queens not happening. Yet.

It appears our worst fears won't be realized for now. Develepors building a shopping complex in Rego Park dropped plans to include Wal-Mart because of all the bad pub. Guess shoppers will still have to leave the Five Boroughs for sanitized music, mistreated employees and goods manufactured in China.

On the other side, the new Downtown Whole Foods appears to be well on its way. Now, I've complained before about all the development below Houston, but oh, I can't stay mad Whole Foods. Man, that store is so scary, yet so incredibly fabulous. Yes, I admit, I might just find myself shopping at the Avalon Chrystie Whole Foods.

But you know what? They might be a chain, but at least they treat the customers well and carry quality products. That's more than can be said for Wal-Mart.

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