Thursday, March 17, 2005

Blatant product placement + jumping the shark = greatest TV show ever

Seriously, if Arrested Development is not the funniest television show ever, then I simply can't fathom the level of funniness a show must achieve to out-funny Arrested - I probably wouldn't be able to handle the funniness, like a chimp who kills himself performing autoerotica.

I have a difficult time time picking the defining episode since the writers have been on point for almost every episode - it's really the converse of The OC whose mediocre episodes far outnumber the good ones - but this past Sunday's ep was up there. Carl Weathers makes a glorious return as a shameless pennypinching version of himself..
Narrator (Ron Howard): "And Tobias met with Carl Weathers at Burger King"
Carl Weathers (Himself): "Thanks for meeting me down here at Burger King. Trying to get them to underwrite a new TV project I'm working on, get some money in exchange for setting a scene at Burger King."
Tobias (David Cross): "As long as you don't draw attention to it."

Carl Weathers: "You know that you can get a refill on any drink you want here, and it's free?
Tobias: (raising chicken sandwich) "It's a wonderful restaurant!"
Narrotor: "It sure is!"

Delightful. But the capper was Henry Winkler, the inept family attorney Barry Zuckerkorn, reprising his legendary shark jump on his way to breakfast at Burger King:

See Josh Schwartz, this is how you do meta. Simply magnificient.

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