Tuesday, March 15, 2005

West Side Stadium - I might give a fuck

So I've never been a fan of the proposed West Side Stadium. Besides MTA getting totally dicked on the deal and the potential of the Olympics bringing those damn dirty foreigners* here while bankrupting our fair city.

But now, Major League Soccer and Metrostars are asking NYC if they can get in on the West Side Time Share. If NYC lets the kids play soccer at the stadium, I'm totally willing to flip flop on the issue.

The Metro have a lease from hell at Giants Stadium and the proposed stadium at Harrison, NJ has been pushed back so many times, "60 to 90 days" has become synonymous with "when hell freezes over". And I'd love to support my local club, but realistically, it's hard to get behind a team that I have to get on the bus at PA every other weekend to watch live.

I still hate the idea of the city wasting money on the Olympics or the Mayor strongarming the MTA but if it means a semi-permanent home for soccer in NY, I'm cool with it.

*The author of this blog is also damn dirty foreigner himself

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