Thursday, March 10, 2005

Battle of Delancey: Once More Into the Breach. Or not.

So it turns out my post from a couple of days ago onUpper vs Lower LES rivalry was a battlecry.

Who knew. But of course, this means war. If you thought Nas vs Jigga, Biggie vs 2Pac or Shiites vs Sunnis were bad, oh ya ain't see nyada yet. What's next? Limited edition sneakers hanging from power lines actual marking territories, not as a publicity stunt? Exchange of Molotov cocktails (using PBR bottles, natch) across Delancey? Breakdance fighting?

Personally, I'm looking forward to a wall stretching from Allen St all the way to East River. Then we can get Christo to do some groundbreaking art, like cover the Delancey Wall with fabric. The conflict reaches its climax when Below Delanceyans abduct, oh, let's say Bloc Party on their way to Mercury Lounge and have them perform on the south side of the Delancey wall. If it worked on the Simpsons, surely it will work here.

Either that, or continue to furiously type away in our walk-ups.

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