Sunday, March 13, 2005

Thanks, tournament committee

Full Bracket

I don't like these seedings. Either Kansas (3) or UConn (2) are possible champions and Villanova (5)'s one of those teams that can beat anyone when the shots are falling. This region's a tougher than the other regions. The #2 in Duke's brack is Kentucky (ha!), though they could easily fall to Syracuse (4) before they get to the final. Illinois won't (well, shouldn't) be challenged until Okie State (2) in the regional final. Washington's a #1? This is Wake Forest (2)'s bracket and I can't see anyone other than G Tech (5) or Louisville (4) spoiling things here. Anyway, I'll post my predics here later but right now, I'm thinking Heels, Illinois, Tech and 'Cuse in the Final 4.

So yeah, Carolina has tough road ahead. Still, I have faith in Roy's Boys and Jackie Manuel's nostrils. Go Heels.

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