Sunday, February 06, 2005

Quick Super Bowl bloggin

So I didn't care about either team. Tom Brady is dreamy or something. Deion Branch seemed really happy about that Cadillac.

Anyway, ad roundup.
  • The FedEx Kinkos commercial with Burt Reynolds and the dancing bear - great.
  • The two Ameriquest commercials commercials were both well done. The cat, the knife and the spaghetti - fantastic. What do they do anyway?
  • I love big boobies and all, but the spot was lame. I hate dot com ads that don't tell you shit about the site
  • Conversely, the monkey ads weren't super funny but they had a simple message and worked much better at getting to the point.
  • Emerald Nuts - I only caught the last 5 seconds because I was getting Chinese food. Looked funny
  • Diet Pepsi - the one with the dude and all the women following him did nothing for me. My heterosexuality is confirmed.
  • Honda Ridgeline - the weakest auto rollout, ever.
  • McDonald's Lincoln Fries - super lame
  • Gladys Knight playing rugby? What the fuck? She threw a forward pass! Where was the ref on that?
  • Joe Montana, Ben Rothlisberger et al. singing "Tommorrow" - super fantastic
  • Ford Mustang convertible - gets lamer with each viewing
  • G-Stef in the Pepsi/iTunes commercial - I approve.

That's it, I guess. I can't think of anything else of note.

Also, has The Simpsons jumped the shark or has The Simpsons jumped the shark?

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