Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Duke student discovers truth

I've been on a Ben Folds kick lately. That's not just because I'm an obsessed fan boy, but also because because I'm an obsessed fan boy who subscribes to the RSS feed for the search term "ben folds" at Yahoo News.

This little column caught my eye because it happened to come from the campus rag at Duke University, the neighbor/object of ridicule to my alma mater, University of North Carolina. Apparently, Dukies are discovering what we Tar Heels already knew:
At the Ben Folds concert last Thursday, I spent much more time watching my fellow Duke students than Ben Folds himself. The reason? I was fascinated with one aspect of Duke students’ lives that apparently no one here seems to notice: We cannot dance."

The rest of the piece is blah, which had me thinking. I remember columns in my campus paper being more entertaining. Is that par for the course for campus papers and I had lower standards? Or was it the fact that my school had a proper J-school and my classmates were blessed wit? Who knows?

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