Friday, January 28, 2005

More Ben Folds

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In today's Ben Folds newsletter, beneath the news about the upcoming release of Songs for Silverman (4/26) and the single, "Landed" (2/1), there was this little item:
* We are remastering Whatever And Ever Amen and adding 7 lost classic bonus tracks...out March 22!!

I already own Whatever and love it, but I am quite curious about what those 7 bonus tracks are. My guess is that they're bonus tracks on Japanese and European releases, but we shall see. It is one of the better albums of the 90s, definitely one I would put on my iPod if I ever decided to get stranded on a desert island. As always, I am cautiously excited.

And did you catch the Ben Folds poster on Seth's bedroom wall in this week's The OC? I did. [click for pictures]

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