Thursday, December 09, 2004

iPod gets Flash(y) in 2005

So a smaller, cheaper iPod is apparently on its way - I've read a Flash-based iPod would be ready for the holiday shopping season, but that clearly didn't turn out to be the case. But the sources are, by most accounts, pretty credible.

In any case, the following are two different renderings created based on descriptions from inside sources, not firsthand accounts:
First Look!: iPod Flash TheMacMind)
IPod Micro (Cult of Mac Blog)

I do hope it comes with a screen (even if it's only 256MB capacity, that's 66 songs you have to go through) though I'm a little skeptical that it would retail at $99 and up. Going cheap or skimping on features has never been Apple's M.O.

Then again, I also thought iPod mini wouldn't sell, so there you go. I guess this could very well be the iPod for people who jog, don't need to take their entire music collection everywhere or are turned off by the $230-and-up prices.

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