Friday, November 12, 2004

Weak Stuff of the Week

3 for the weekend.

1. WTC architect sued by ormer Yale student for stealing his idea (Curbed, among other places)

Weak, just weak dude. I mean, how could you replace Liebskind with an (alleged) plagiarizing hack?

2. Grey creatives buy hookers, charge client (ad-rag)

Okay, everybody needs a good hooker or two sometimes, but who the hell expenses hookers? To all the kids who are reading this, when you buy hookers, you do not leave a paper trail. You do not pay with a check or credit card, you do not ask for a receipt, and you certainly do not put it on your expense report. What's with people nowadays?

3. Final Bid for NYC 2012 In (Gothamist)

Can someone explain to me why a city that's perpetually in the red spending money on an event that will most certainly lose money for the city? Has NYC become some sort of fiscal masochist? Good lord,

Honorable mention: Rich Bastard Pissing Match mentioned earlier this week. Also, the sixty-six ABC affiliates who did not show Saving Private Ryan - thank you for protecting your viewers from the English language. Not that I care - my ABC local affiliate showed it, but I was watching The OC and The Apprentice.

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