Friday, November 12, 2004

Fun with Site Meter Part II

Once you have a blog going, one of the things you become curious about is how people get to your page. Well, Site Meter has a nifty tool that tells you how your last 100 visitors found your page.

It's become clear that there are mainly 4 kinds of people visit this page:
1. Other bloggers and readers
2. BigSoccer members
3. People looking for Turk's cell phone number from the recent Scrubs episode (it's 916-CALL-TURK).
4. People looking for Lindsay Lohan's exposed breasts. I kid you not.

To people looking for surgically enhanced celebrity boobs, I apologize, I have no such pictures unless you count the link to that horrifying Tara Reid pic. But good luck on your search anyway.

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