Thursday, November 11, 2004

More election hangover

I'm almost over it. Almost. Anyhoo, a few post-election links, like freaky purpley looking maps, pictures of sorry ass people and inspiring words from that Get Your War On guy.

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- University of Michigan's election result maps page.
This page is excellent. It has the obligatory red states vs blue states map that divides America into Jesusland vs Terroristland, and that county map that shows America look like it's been attacked by a swarm of mosquitos.

This one's my favorite though. It takes the county level map and represents each county is shown in red, blue and varying shades of purple.

- Half of America is sorry, and some of that half wants you to know how sorry you are -

- Chapel Hill's own David Rees had said that he would stop his brilliant Get Your War On when Kerry is inaugurated as President. Well, that didn't quite happen, did it. I went to see if he had updated GYWO, and as of today, he hadn't posted any new strips. But he did have this messsage on the front page.
We're smarter than those motherfuckers.
We can learn more quickly than those motherfuckers.
We can be more ruthless than those motherfuckers.
We can be some six-million-dollar motherfuckers ourselves.

Chin up.
We're more American than those motherfuckers.
We're more responsible than those motherfuckers.
We're more compassionate than those motherfuckers.
Hell, our atheists are more Christian than their Bible-thumpin' motherfuckers.

There's an election in two years.
There's nothing we can't do.

Chin up.
Because it's on, motherfuckers.
It is on.

It is on indeed. On like buttered neck bone. On like gravy on mashed potato.

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