Friday, October 01, 2004

oops - The OC, Arrested Development and Greg the Bunny

I meant to mention this in the Weekend Catchup entry, but I couldn't find a way to segue it in.

Well, here goes. It's not enough that Rupert Murdoch is spreading his message of hate and corporate tyranny through his various media outlets. He is now trying to bankrupt me with a trifecta of DVD releases of Fox TV shows before Christmas.I don't watch that much TV, but I'm a sucker for fun, smart, well written shows (Scrubs for one), and the above three shows are (or was, in the case of Greg The Bunny) must-see.

The OC boxed set looks especially tasty, with 7 discs, including one on the music of The OC. And yeah, the music. I hardly listen to radio any more, because as I told someone this weekend, my taste in music is simply better than the rest of the world's, or at least the hacks at ClearChannel or Infinity. But music in car commercials and The OC, I pay attention, because they always manage to uncover unknown or up and coming artists making great, but unpretentious, music.

So if you celebrate Christmas and you want to be my Santa Claus, the above 3 DVD titles are placed squarely on my wish list (also, Zach Braff has confirmed that a Scrubs DVD is inevitable and they're trying to get one out before the end of the year, though not before Touchstone and NBC finish haggling).

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