Monday, September 27, 2004

9/27/04 - A whole week's worth of links bitches, links - why I love Bush and hate Kerry, Conan, dating white chicks and more

- The last two times my friend Anne T was in town were September 2001 and July 2003. Yep, 9/11 and the Big Blackout. So I'm assuming she came into town without telling me: Penn Station Is Evacuated After Transformer Fire (New York Times)

- I'm not sure if this is the greatest news ever or the worst news ever. I'm thinking it's somewhere in between. In The Year 2009 - Conan Gets Tonight Show (Gothamist)

- Thanks to Pete for this one: Hip Hop Dentistry

- Gawker totally called this one: Cynthia Nixon comes out

- Despite my flaming liberalness, I do not wish death and eternal damnation upon Bill O'Reilly. I find him quite fascinating. But Slate has a nice little piece on How To Beat Bill O'Reilly

- Again from Slate, a great illustration of why John Kerry infuriates the hell out of me.

- But at the same time, with his spend-happy policies and tolerance for illegal immigrants, I don't know why true conservatives can really support Bush.

- It wasn't enough that the Republican National Convention was a big economic pooposity for NYC. Advertising throws itself a big self congratulatory bash for bringing money to NYC... and loses money: Advertising Good, Ad Week Bad (Ad-Rag)

- French Connection says "Fcuk off" to its acronym (Adrants)

- More on Gunatanamo on the Hudson from Gothamist: Still Protesting Protester Policing

- I love hip hop and turntablism, and I hate the current legal vagueness over what constitutes fair use in sampling: Remixing to Protest Sample Ruling (Wired)

- Speaking of remixing, Outfoxed Offered for Remix. (Wired)

- Freddy Adu, the 15 year-old soccer phenom has this in common with men twice his age: he digs college chicks (The Diamondback)


- Believe it or not, I did not write this book: How to Date a White Woman- A Practical Guide for Asian Men

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