Friday, May 05, 2006

IMterview: Heather recaps the Rolling Stone 1000th Issue Party

"Don't worry about me. I want you go to the industry circle jerk so you can tell me all about it."

After I was denied entry to the RS party at Hammerstein, I passed my camera to her over the barricade, and told her to live life to the fullest and regale me with her tales afterwards, Breaking the Waves style. Pictures, and apparently video, are forthcoming. "That Bastard Blagg" reports on the festivities as well.

Some highlights from our IM conversation after the jump.:
Heather: dude, we were stuck on the balcony
Heather: that bastard blagg talked his way into the press line
Heather: got a black wristband
So while I was trying to decide whether to go home or not
Me: Marilyn Manson stepped out of his car
Me: like a foot away from me
Heather: holy crap
Heather: dude
Heather: his wife
Heather: is fucking HOT
Me: she does porn, right?
Me: or is she a stripper?
Heather: burlesque dancer
Me: weak
Heather: nah dude, she's incredible
Me: Enjoyed your comment about the designated Solomon Burke sweat wiper
Heather: ew
Heather: it was funny
Heather: she had a giant ass
Heather: clad in white spandex
Me: You know, I'm never a fun of industry parties
Me: but I'm still pissed I missed the Strokes
Heather: dude, they were so good
Me: I don't even like them that much, but by all accounts, they're great live
Heather: just unenthused
Heather: when eddie vedder came on i nearly crapped in my pants
Me: the last person I expected to perform with Jules and Fab
Heather: oh my god
Heather: it was like
Heather: i dont know
Heather: does your camera have sound?
Heather: because i videoed it
Me: you are a golden god
Heather: mellencamp was there
Me: Cougar!
Heather: he did this awful cover of "on the cover of the rolling stone"
Heather: with jann wenner singing the "rolling stone" part.
Heather: it was terrible.
Me: What the fuck, did you go to the Wenner Media company picnic?


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