Friday, October 07, 2005

Maybe I should give a little fuck

So the New York subway is under threat which may or may not be credible depending on whom you ask.

My reaction? What can you do? Whether we consciously acknowledge it or not, there's always a terror threat against the New York subway. That's the tradeoff I'm willing to take for living in New York.

And when it happens, it's going to happen. The people who are going to succeed aren't the dumb ones who get caught. You look at London - they've been dealing with terrorism for over 20 years and they still couldn't prevent the attack. I don't mean to be all "If we can't stop them, what's the point?" No, I'm all for being vigilant and prepared. It's just that there's little to be gained from "raising" or "heightening" alert.

What I do appreciate about London is how quickly they responded once the attack happened and probably kept the death toll much lower than it could've been. I have my doubts about NYPD.

But really, I'm more likely to get stabbed by a crackhead or get shot for my iPod or have coffee spilled on me by some Park Slope chick than to die from a terrorist attack. It's hard to get worked up over Al Qaeda. Anyway, NYPD clearly doesn't think my line's much of a target - I've seen a total of two uniformed cops on the trains all year and I haven't encountered a single bag check. I think I'm safe. Well, as safe as one can be in New York City.

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