Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No links, no formatting, lots of whining

New York isn't a very good city to run in, unless you live near Central or Riverside Park. Forget running in Chinatown, E.Vil and LES are hard enough with bars and restaurants on pretty much every block. Just too many people on the sidewalks. I guess I could run in the morning but that would involve getting up in the morning. / What's with these old ladies at the East Broadway stop who give you the Karl Malone elbow to beat you to the escalator, then stands all the way to the top? I mean, really? / People who think you can solve problems with violence need to be shot. / My iBook might be dead. It has been a little sluggish of late but yesterday, it just would not start up. Taking it to Tekserve tomorrow but I have a feeling I'll be in the market for a new laptop. Bastards. / Clients are a stupidface. / Ditto for the post office. / Mayor Bloomberg seriously needs to do something about the humidity. The heat, I'm okay with. / I have a cayenne pepper plant in my apartment. It kicks ass.

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