Friday, July 08, 2005

Friday Linkatharsis: they can pry my KY jelly from my cold dead hands

Oh shit. Not only is Rehnquist reportedly packing up his box as we speak, Justice Stevens ain't doing so hot either and the SCOTUS is going to have 3 Bush appointees.

So yeah, if you've been holding off on that abortion with your gay husband, you might want to move it up on your To Do list.

  • Thankfully, yesterday's terror attacks didn't distract G8 from their main agenda. As Blair says, "We speak today in the shadow of terrorism, but it will not obscure what we came here to achieve." But with a President like Bush, who needs terrorists? Eh. It's progress, I guess.

  • Chris Tucker has become so greedy, he's passing up guaranteed millions. You know, most actors wait until after they win an Oscar before acting like their shit don't stink. Or at least play another character.

  • You know the northwest corner of Canal and Bowery, where that scaffolding's been up since, likek, forever? Well, a spanking new Commerce Bank is there. Why did it take so long though? Apparently, Chinese folks like their deposit boxes:
    In fact, construction work on the bank was nearing completion in January until "we began hearing that we needed more safe deposit boxes," Mr. Braca recalled. "We didn't know. So we began rebuilding from the bottom up, until we had a brand new building - and an extra floor, just for the boxes." Chinatown, in fact, is safe deposit box country, one aspect of the highly competitive, and escalating, bank war in the neighborhood. Across the street from the new banking interloper, the domed HSBC branch at 58 Bowery has 21,000 safe deposit boxes. And the HSBC branch at 11 East Broadway has 12,000.

  • The Olympics hate America! IOC votes to kick baseball and softball out of the Games. Naturally, Cuba blames America.

  • The Economist ponders the martyrdom of Judith Miller.

    You know, as a former J-School student, I'm all "Yay, journalists! Yay, confidential sources!", but it's hard to have any sympathy for Miller, considering the circumstances (a spook getting outed for partisan politics' sake) or her current status as the wingnut overcompensation at the Times.

  • Via our friends at Cole Slaw, more Faux News goodness in the London bombing aftermath.

  • Also from Media Matters, Rush Limbaugh has traveled back in time: "And look at us -- we're in the 20th century".

  • Shhhhh! According to BV, we are led to believe there will be a "secret" Roots show, sometime in the near future, somewhere in New York City. Despite my most recent Roots experience, I'm all signed up.

  • Speaking of hip hop that didn't/doesn't suck, new Blackalicious: Sticks (thanks Marcel).

  • Supermodel girlfriends, fast cars, long flowing dark hair are not enough for Italian soccer stars.

  • When tragedy strikes, it's all about finding an angle. The whole Flickr thing has been covered by BBC et al, the techies at Wired focus on congested cell phone networks.

  • You know you want one. You know you really do: Inaction Heroes action figures from Degree deodorant!

  • That's it. Have a great weekend, be safe.

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