Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The OC Season 2 Episode 18: It'll be quick and you won't feel a thing

Previously: Season 2 Episode 17

Let's keep this one short and sweet. For full recaps, check out the usuals, TVgasm and TWoP.
  • Good, fun, though probably inconsequential, episode. I appreciated that there was a single central event instead of a bunch of divergent storylines.

  • Should I feel dirty about enjoying the gratuitous nekkid Marissa shot? Good lord she's skinny, but hey, I think I just saw buttcrack.

  • I think they could've done a few more Tom Cruise jokes. Or maybe they were afraid the Scientologists would be on their ass?

  • Alex moved back in with her family? Because Marissa dumped her? I still hate the way the show gets rid of characters. Moving to fictitious cities like "Pittsburgh", "Chicago" and "Portland", DJ going back to that landscaping gig that affords him luxury pickup trucks and Abercrombie flannels, Kaitlin going to "boarding school", which is apparently euphemism for "juvey".

  • I've always complained about the complete, utter absence of chemistry between Ryan and Marissa, but I like the vibes when they're on screen together with Trey. I guess it helps that Marissa hasn't done much drinking or primal screaming recently.
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