Friday, February 18, 2005

The OC Season 2 Episode 13: The never ending brainfart

Previously: Season Episode 12

TWoP and TVGasm are both behind with their recaps, but The Sports Guy has an excellent Tale Of The Tape between The OC and 90210. Scroll down to the bottom of the page - it's faaaantastic. Oh, never mind, the TWoP recaplet is up now.

Less plot developments than last week, but also considerably less blah than last week.
"Wallowing is lounging around eating ice cream and watching VH1. Agonizing is more like M2"
[click here to continue]Not a bad episode, though it was basically a set up for the shithitsfan episode next week.

Seth still isn't getting much sleep after last episode's meltdown, and it shows with his unkempt hair and funky BO. He asks Zach whether the two did the nasty on Valentine's Day and Zach's all "Like, ew!" Marissa asks Summer whether the two did the nasty on Valentine's Day and Summer's all "I wanted to, but...". But what, Summer? What?

We later find out Zach was holding out before marriage, but after the celibate sojourn in San Diego, realizes the stupidity of the idea and reveals to Seth that he's totally going to hit that in Tuscany when the moment's right... (thanks to the Cialis commercial that's currently running, it appears I can no longer type "when the moment's right" without barfing all over my keyboard. Another reason to hate the big pharms). Seth officially goes from agonizing to wallowing. Summer on the other hand now has reservations about giving it up for Zach.

Alex is hosting a party so Marissa can meet her friends but Marissa wusses out when she's the room full of lesbians. But she comes clean to Summer and admits to Alex that she's going to take her sweet ass time coming out of the closet. Because, you know, she's going to go back into the closet before the end of the season.

Sandy's brainfart continues. If your girl tells you to stop spending so much time with your clingy, fugitive ex, you stop. If your girl scares away your clingy, fugitive ex, you thank her for doing the dirty work. Didn't they teach him anything in law school? If Sandy's aim is to get Kirsten to shotgun bottles of Merlot, then he's well on his way.

Caleb announces she wants to adopt Lindsay - Julie has the predictable hissy fit and convinces Caleb that he needs to have a paternity test done. Lindsay's mom is now freaking because she's not 100% sure if Caleb is the father and there's a chance she had been extorting Caleb this whole time. Ooooh! Ryan is talked into talking Lindsay out of the whole deal, and he obviously hasn't learned that he shouldn't get in the middle of Lindsay's family affairs. Sandy tries to talk Caleb out of doing the DNA test, but Caleb presses for it anyway, making Caleb persona non grata also. You gotta feel bad for the girl right about now. This storyline isn't going to end pretty, is it?

The episode ends with Sandy, Seth and Ryan on the couch, watching Hellboy and wondering how they're so stupid around women.

  • What I learned in this week's episode - there's nothing colder than a parting peck on the cheek no matter the sexual orientation

  • "This is one surprise you won't already find posted on the internet."
    Well, Julie, that's not true, is it. The reason that surprise isn't posted on the internet is because you already announced to all of TV land that you're starting a magazine... wait, you mean the people on the show... dammit, all this meta stuff is so confusing.

  • "Closure is overrated. I prefer open-ended unrequited love"
    Indeed, and the countdown to the inevitable Seth and Summer reunion has already begun. The Seth train left Dumpville two episodes ago and moving at full speed. The Summer train is slowly pulling out of Zachtown. If the two trains keep moving towards each other at their current speed, at when will they collide?

  • Really though, it becomes clearer with every episode that Seth and Summer are the only heterosexual pairing that matters. Only the same sex vibe between Seth and Ryan comes anywhere close.

  • Good music as usual, a point noted by Stereogums. I'll be checking out more from Viva Voce and Kings of Convenience. Speaking of OC moozik, The OC Mix Vol 4 is on its way.

  • Next week, brace yourself for... heavy rain! Those California beach bums are gonna mess their pants!

  • This is probably the worst episode recap I've done so far. Sorry, and thanks for sticking through all the way. I'll do better next time.
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