Friday, February 11, 2005

The OC Season 2 Episode 12: Blah

Previously: Season 2 Episode 10

Blah. Let me elaborate. [click here to continue]
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  • Everyone's talking about it. Well, at least Gothamist, Gawker and, indirectly, those lesbian loving pervs at NY Times are.

  • Still, was that like the least sexy girl-girl spit swap, like, ever? Is Mischa Barton so awful that she can even ruin the most sacred of experiences, a girl's first lesbian kiss?

  • The thing is, the Marissa-Alex storyline was such a minor part of the episode. The real drama was in the Cohen household, as always.

  • It bugs me though, that the writers collectively took speed and decided to fast track every storyline. Summer and Seth had a great sexual tension thing kicking, but that went down the crapper with the cringe-a-second ad lib in the comic book pitch. They kill Professor Max because, well, there wasn't much use for him and he's old. And of course, the Marissa-Alex fling, which I'm not getting. Why do people in Newport Beach think Vodka Breath is hot?

  • I guess that's the thing. Very little about recent storylines is really convincing. Sandy seems out of character with the Rebecca fling and Cohen's caffeinated catharsis came off more than a little contrived.

  • One thing I do notice though is, for all their complete inability to communicate with warm blooded humanoids, Cardiac Caleb and Julie actually want to be good parents.

  • Yes Ryan, you're such a girl. When was the last time you punched someone? Maybe they can bring Oliver back.

  • Oh, and speaking of Ryan, Caleb has mentioned Teresa's pregnancy more than once. You know, that baby's due preeeetty soon, if I'm adding 9 months correctly.

  • Well, I guess Zach goes from having a total mancrush on Seth (oh but who doesn't?) to totally wanting to kill Seth (again, who doesn't?). At least that should be interesting. I hope they end the Rebecca Bloom arc soon. Kirsten does the pissed off thing well, but I doth think the lady has suffered enough.

  • This episode did very little for me and under-delivered on the girl-on-girl, if such a thing was possible. Let's agree that this was merely a set up episode for the next few weeks and just move on.
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