Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Change of plans

As much as I want to see Trachtenburg Family Slide Show Players and Kimya Dawson at Tonic tonight, there couldn't be a worse night than tonight, because at 9 pm, we have the Mighty Mighty Tar Heels visiting University of New Jersey-Durham in basketball.

The only way I'll make the show is to get there and hope the show starts in time (doubtful), catch the first or two sets and then try to miss as little of the game as possible.

I may not take sports as seriously as I did as a young whippersnapper growing up in North Cakalack, I do take UNC vs Du(mbfuc)ke(rs) seriously.

I have some wonderful Dookie friends and I have nothing but appreciation for the shool's great academic standards, but for at least two days a year, y'all Dookies are dead to me.

Go Heels.

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