Friday, February 18, 2005

Friday Linkages

  • I like it when Slate does pop culture stuff - they'll look at lesser known indie stuff, but they're never pretentious about it - Rock Songs You Can Actually Dance To. LCD Soundsystem and the Postal Service get nods, and I suppose the Chemical Brothers qualify as rock if the Postal does too. I do need to check out all 3 albums though.

  • This guy os probably be the more than any other athlete playing for a New York franchise, but chances are, you will never hear about him - that's because he plays soccer. Personally, I like this signing despite his age. He won't play at his 1998 level, but his experience and savvy will surely help lift the Metrosuck to Metrososo.

  • E Bway on the rapidly changing landscape of th LES nightlife. You know, I'd be more outraged if I actually went to those places or I had to put up with the nocturnal hipster invasions. Fortunately, I live in the still quite-unhip area below Delancey, nay, below Grand. I'd say I still have 9 months or so before I'm evicted so they can build a luxury condo at my place.

  • You can download "Bright Lights" (download link at bottom of page) from the previously mentioned Airborn Audio album.
    Of course, neither Anti-Pop Consortium nor Airborn Audio is for everybody. And that has me thinking - why is underground hip hop less approachable than indie rock? Yeah, you have your exceptions like Del, J-Live, RJD2 and pretty much everything Dan the Automator touches, but it seems like there's a lower percentage of "fun" backpacker hip hop compared to indie and mid-indie rock. Are they afraid of being too catchy?

  • Of course, another exception to that broadbrush is Little Brother from Durham, NC. 9th Wonder is about the hottest brother not named Pharrell, Kanye or Tim and deservedly so. Which isn't to take anything away from Phonte or Big Pooh, my favorite rhyming tag team since Q-Tip and Phife. So it was great to see Big Pooh's album get reviewed in this week's Onion AV club

  • Two things I like but will not post about because they've been blogged to death - The Gates and The Arcade Fire. Well, I'm going to make an exception on the latter with a link to the video for Wake Up posted at Bradley's Almanac.

  • Finally, file this in the "Who the fuck knew?" category - WB's 7th Heaven is getting picked up for its 10th season. Have a great President's Weekend kids. I have to work Monday, dammit.
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