Monday, October 31, 2005

Big Apple Blog Festival

Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF)

Welcome to the Big Apple Blog Festival (BABF) for October 31, 2005, a representative roundup of the last week's posts by NYC bloggers.

  • Last week started with the firing heard around the New York blogosphere, as Cond√© Nast freelancer/blogebrity Andrew Krucoff was escorted out of 4 Times Square. Krucoff tells his side of the story. Though according to the commenters on this Gothamist post, this news is only of consequence to the "blogger elite". There's a blogger elite?

  • According to Manhattan Offender, 7 Eleven may already be in decline as the novelty has worn off and the hipsters have moved on to a newer ironic merchandise-du-jour.

  • What about the plastic animals? looks at the changing avenue signage in Upper Manhattan.

  • This Is What We Do Now asks the all important question, which subway line is the fairest of them all?

  • This Overheard in New York entry finds two girls who really know what's important when you live in New York.

  • Gotham Gal reviews Lupa in NoHo and Bread in SoHo.

  • City Rag offers some East Village and Lower East Side delivery tips.

  • The Assimilated Negro, fresh off his odes to Dodgeball and Gawker, makes a musical pitch for a writing gig.

  • Brooklyn Vegan reports on the return of Depeche Mode and the ridiculous ticket prices on eBay.

  • Shithouse rat reminisces on life in New York as she prepares to move to the outer boroughs and looks back on the Greenwich Village of yore.

  • Later last week, a mysterious, syrupy scent engulfed New York, prompting Petroleum Jelliffe to wonder where it could come from while The Daily Dump fears the worst.

  • New York hack, everyone's favorite cabbie/blogger (cablogger?) had a pretty rough Thursday night.

  • A Guy in New York gives us a roundup of last week's NYC restaurant reviews.

  • Before Sunday morning's televised mayoral debate, Copyranter wondered if anything could make a dent in Bloomberg's lead over Ferrer. My guess is "nothing short of Veronica Corningstone rewriting Bloomy's cue card".

  • Straight Bangin gives us his spin on the upcoming NBA season.

  • Finally, next week's Big Apple Blog Festival will be hosted by your favorite NYC conservative blogger Dave Friedman, who blogs about blogging.

  • The Big Apple Blog Festival is listed on the √úberCarnival page and in Carnival News.

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