Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tale of Two Shitties

I may have mentioned in an earlier post that my two favorite football teams were the Carolina Panthers and Liverpool. Also in the same post, I mentioned that my weekend didn't get off to a good start. But I'm an eternal optimist; all is well that ends well and shit ain't over until the fat lady sings. And what better to salve the wounds with the ointment of sports, the ultimate escape?

So what happens? It's 7:30 Saturday morning, I head over to Bleecker Street and meet up with our friend Slack for Liverpool vs Everton and breakfast. Well, did I mention something about Liverpool losing winnable games? Yup, 0-3. Liverpool controlled the match but sloppy defending and an awful, awful goalkeeping error by Pepe Reina doomed the slumping Reds. It wasn't even 10 am and my Saturday was alreay ruined.

Oh, but it's football season! I mean, the NFL kind! Surely my Panthers will offer some salvation in my time of need. Oops. Well, there's at least fantasy football right? So you'd think, but not so much when your #1 pick is the Madden Curse-afflicted Shaun Alexander and the #2 pick is the gimpy Steve Smith. I still would have won the week despite it all if Antonio Gates hadn't caught that touchdown pass last night.

So yeah, this month is off to a flying fucking start. I make for pretty shitty company right now. Please wake me up when September ends.

  • Thank god, that overwrought Manning Bowl shit is over. Now, we won't have to hear about it for another 4 years since neither brother is making the Super Bowl any time soon. But it makes me wonder - why isn't Ricky Manning Jr getting any of this attention.

  • Now the no-longer-fashionable-pick-for-the-championship heads to PSV Eindshoven for what should be a routine Champions League match. PSV made the semifinal a couple years ago, but the stars of the campaign - Mark Van Bommel, Ji-sung Park, DaMarcus Beasley and the so awesomely named Jan Vennegoor of Hesselink - are long gone, and the team isn't expected to contend for the European title. Which, of course, means that Liverpool will be lucky to come away with a draw.

  • Here's Mos Def performing "Katrina Clap" outside the VMAs. It's a pretty unremarkable standard annoying Mos Def sing-songy-rap, except he gets arrested at the end.
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