Friday, September 08, 2006

the back four

Just to let y'all know I'm still here:
  1. Dear Dan de la Dump,

    You suck. Really. What the hell am I going to read everyday to put off whatever I'm supposed to be doing. At the risk of getting all bloggy-hyperbolic-backslappy, you have more talent as a writer in your, um, daily dump than most of us do in our entire bodies. If I had to go gay and I had to do it with a male blogger, I'd probably do it with you, Dan.

    I understand, blogging is often incompatible with real life and ultimately inconsequential. And as much as we appreciate the audience and the response, we have to put our offline needs ahead of our online kicks.

    That said, you still suck. It's not that I don't understand. In the 2+ years of existence, this blog has gone through two hiatuses plus the current slowdown, but not once did I get close to 200 comments on a farewell posts. You suck, Dan.

    Sincerely yours.

  2. At the French Kicks show at Bowery Ballroom on Wednesday night:

    What's that Angelina? What do we have here?

    His hair? Oh, it's a mullet.

    What's that? It's a mullet/tail combo?


    Seriously, if the owner of the above mullet is reading, or if you know the owner, please drop in and say hello. The thing is absolute perfection. Look at the shape! The cascade! For reals.

  3. There will be more football posts coming up, of both the Association and gridiron varieties. My beloved Panthers start their road to world domination Sunday and they seem to be the fashionable pick to take the big prize, not unlike my beloved Liverpool across the ocean.

    Which makes me worry, of course, my pessimism and neurosis being what they are, and both the Kitties and the Reds have similar tendencies to drop very winnable games. I am doubly worried as Steve Smith, along with his wondrous but gimpy hamstrings are on my fantasy team. I think he will play Sunday, but do I bench him and replace him with, say, Matt Jaaaaaaaawnes of Jacksonville? I'm a walking case of buyer's remorse.

  4. Real life took a turn today, and as often is the case in life, it's not a particularly good turn. Or rather, life missed the turn it was supposed to take and I remain on the same road I was on before. Not the best way to end the week.

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