Monday, January 02, 2006

2005 Film of the Year


Honestly, I haven't watched too many movies this year - if you had to pay $10.25 a pop and show up at least 40 minutes before the posted showtime, you'd lose a little enthusiasm for the silver screen too. And I just haven't watched anything groundbreaking in recent months, when the bulk of the probable award winners came out.

So no Kong, Brokeback, Match Point, Syriana, Munich or Walk The Line. I haven't gotten around to Squid and the Whale. Haven't seen Wedding Crashers or The 40-Year-Old Virgin though I know I really should.

Ditto for War of the Worlds, Batman Begins, The Constant Gardener or that fucking penguin movie.

So what have I seen? Aristocrats was amusing enough but I won't watch it again. Crash, I enjoyed, but a little contrived and ultimately unsatisfying. Memoirs of A Geisha? Meh. Be Cool was awful, Hitch was bearable, The Interpretor was okay, Sin City was delightful but not a must-own DVD. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Aeon Flux were surprisingly good but also not must-owns. Hustle & Flow? For all the fawning press Terence Howard received, we weren't exactly walking down the street chanting "Whoop that trick" in November, were we?

I guess, with the possible exception of Mad Hot Ballroom, I haven't watched my Top 5 films of 2005. But seriously, how the fuck did Zhang Ziyi get a Golden Globe nom for Geisha? Why, because her limited English forced the entire cast to play Japanese characters speaking broken English? Seriously.


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