Monday, November 22, 2004

Tonight, I shaved my....

... goatee. Yes, I did. I shaved the hair on my chinny chin chin. I'd been growing it for a while, so long that I've forgotten how long exactly.

But anyway, it had gotten pretty long, and it was starting to get itchy down there... on my chin. And Maureen noticed split ends so I decided to just shave it off. And what a difference it makes. I had forgotten that such a beautiful face was hiding behind the layer of facial hair. Wow.

Maureen says I got the split ends because I was playing with the goatee so much, but I think it was just God's way of making me shave so I rediscover the beauty of my cleanly shorn face.

And having gone through several weeks of not shaving my chin and having suffered some irritation the past few days, I have a newfound respect for those who keep bushy facial hair, people like Santa Claus, Pei Mei and Dr. C. Everett Koop - you are true American heroes.

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