Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Unsolicited restaurant promo: Mugajee


Living on the lower end of Orchard St, the Alsace-Lorraine of Chinatown/Lower East Side, I have more than a few dining options. But my favorite is Mugajee, a Korean restaurant without a restaurant.

Let me explain...Let me explain. I picked up the menu, as I often do, in my apartment building's entrance. It looks cool, much like the online menu, and since both Maureen and I like Korean, we had been meaning to order from there.

One night, we decided to give it a try, and went to the address on the menu, 85 Division St. Except there's nothing at that address. Absolutely nothing.

I thought I got the address wrong, but I went back and checked the menu - no, I was right. After some cursing and wall punching, we called the number and ordered. Apparently, they just have a kitchen, a phone and a website, and no storefront.

The food was well worth the trouble though. I recommend the Pajun (little pancakes, but with kimchi instead of syrup) and Soon Doo Boo. If you want more meat, I suggest bulgogi, and there's the standard, bibimbop.

So if you're downtown, give them a try. Just be prepared for spiciness.

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