Thursday, October 28, 2004

So about that Fever Pitch remake

Earlier today: Congrats to Red Sox, not so much to Jimmy Fallon

So I was wondering about that Fever Pitch adaptation with the Red Sox and Jimmy Fallon.

"You think that hot dog was big? Wait till I show you..."
From Tuesday's Boston Globe:
Word outta Fenway Park is that Drew Barrymore, Jimmy Fallon and the Farrelly Brothers will be back in the old ballyard after the baseball season to reshoot the end of "Fever Pitch'' because nobody - not even Hollywood - could have scripted a finale like the one the Red Sox wrote this year!

"In the script, the Red Sox don't win, but now all of a sudden, what happens if they do win?'' Bobby Farrelly told us. "There's been some tweaking. The writers are burning the midnight oil...

"The script implies that it's not one of their best years,'' Farrelly said. "We didn't know they were going to make a historic comeback against the Yankees.''

So, because the script has been altered, the stars have to go back and do some retakes with different lines...

And today
"Fever'' director Peter Farrelly worked the phones all day to get a camera crew as well as Drew and her co-star Jimmy Fallon to the Gateway City.

"We've got them celebrating on the field,'' he said. "It's the end of the movie. And what an ending it was. This is like the aliens made contact. It's something we've thought about for a long time, but never thought was possible...

"We've always been lucky but this is the luckiest we've ever been - to be involved with this thing at this time,'' Bobby Farrelly told the Track.

 "Actually, our only discernable talent is luck.''

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