Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Trifecta+1 of political links

I can't believe how political I've gotten in the past few months. I'm not an angry person - yeah, I'm a cynical asshole, but I'm not angry. I'm a happy cynic.

Both conservatives and liberals piss me off. I can't wait for the stupid election and the subsequent challenges to be over so I can go back to talking about boogers and Lindsay Lohan's breast implant scars.

With that said, a couple of links courtesy of Pete and a cool looking short film.

Colin Powell to Taiwan: "You and your thriving democracy are dead to me" (Yahoo News)

"There is only one China. Taiwan is not independent. It does not enjoy sovereignty as a nation, and that remains our policy, our firm policy. End communicatioins. Beep." -- Sec of State Colin Powell

Okay, here's how the US-China-Taiwan triangle works. The US has always had a wink-wink relationship with Taiwan. China is like the wife that the US keeps around because she's the boss's daughter and needs to stay married to get promoted.

Taiwan is the girl US screws on the side and pays for her apartment and dance school tuition - Taiwan knows US won't invite her to parties or to meet the family, but can count on US to be there in time of need.

Powell's statement is basically the US saying to Taiwan's face "I love my wife, the sex is great and I'm never leaving her for you. And you smell." Nothing Taiwan didn't know already, but not the smartest thing to say either - at best, it makes everyone uncomfortable.

Bush flip flops on gay marriage (Yahoo News)
Seriously, who is he fooling? Is it worth pissing off the base? So this should be a non-issue, now that Bush and Kerry are nearly identical on their position on gay marriage.

Personally, I really don't see a difference between a marriage and a civil union. It's just that one gets religion involved. What we should do is have the government issue civil union license to any couple, same sex or otherwise, and if they want to get "married", find a church that will do the ceremony. No biggie.

But how would the radical right score political points at the expense of gays if we did that?

Getting Through To The President (Gothamist)
Pretty cool looking. They set up cameras in front of pay phones at Washington Square Park, gave quarters to New Yorkers and had them call the White House comment line.

Finally, Tale of Two Cities said pretty much what I've wanted to say about the rag that's not fit to pick up your dog's poo, NY Post.

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