Friday, October 15, 2004

FCC es muy stupido

Or, Much Ado About Sinclair Broadcasting

Yahoo! News - FCC Chief Says Cannot Block Anti-Kerry Show
"Don't look to us to block the airing of the program," FCC Chairman Michael Powell told reporters. "There is no rule that I'm aware of that would allow the commission, nor would it be prudent, to prevent the airing of programing

Um, you have heard of the equal time rule, yes?

So Mikey, you'll go after Janet Jackson's boobs, Howard Stern and some silly Fox reality show, but you won't go after this blatant abuse of the public airwaves. I hope he relizes what a horrible precendent this sets - basically, there's no more distinction between journalism and smear jobs. Now, the Swift Boat fuckers no longer have to buy air time - their negative ad can be classified as "news".

Please, please, please help send a message to Sinclair by contacting advertisers and asking them to pull commercials from Sinclair stations. Because Sinclair isn't going to do it, and FCC decided it has no teeth.

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