Friday, August 27, 2004

It's that time of the hour

- You know, my health could be a bit better. I don't eat as well as I should -living on a budget in Chinatown can do that- and I'm not excersing at all. Well, living in a city and not driving helps a little bit, I suppose. So I figure drinking as much water as possible is the least I could do, so I try to make frequent trips to the water cooler.
But that also means I make frequent trips to the restroom. My coworkers must think I'm either frighteningly prone to diarrhea or on my period. Well, it can't be the latter because I'm bitchy throughout the month.

Okay, that made no sense at all.

- Me need new music. As soon as I get the internet working at home, I'm going to download the new Ben Folds EP, Super D and I'm completely enthralled by the Hasidic reggae guy I saw on Jimmy Kimmel earlier this week, Matisyahu. I'm sure the whole gimmick of a Hasidic Jewish kid getting all rude boy helps, but he can really flow. I love this guy already.

- Congee is the greatest all-purpose all-day food known to mankind. There is no point in arguing this. It's just true.

- Watched Kill Bill Vol 2 last night. Okay, first things first. Two Boots is the greatest cajun-inspired pizza known to mankind. Well, I'm now a 10 minute walk away from the original Two Boots location, but Maureen and I went there for the first time since my move. BBQ shrimp pizza, y'all.
Well, Two Boots also happens to have an independent movie theater and video rental. One thing I missed living in Astoria was the complete absence of an independent video store, so I'm beyond thrilled. I mean, seriously, pizza and independent video store. It doesn't get much better than that. So Kill Bill is what I rented.
What did I think of it? 1.5 thumbs up, I think. Vol 1 was so action-packed and considerably less verbose than previous Tarantino films, so it was a little strange to go back to the chatty Tarantino film. It seems QT packed all the badass action sequences in the Vol 1, then packed all the backstory into Vol 2. Which is fine, I guess. Just a little let down. Overall, I enjoyed it, though I wish I could watch the whole thing in one sitting. C'est tout.

- Texas: crappy state, great band.

- As good as Outkast's output has been for the past few years, I don't like how their earlier stuff has been pushed aside. They came out when the West Coast was into the whole P-Funk fad, though I always felt that the SoCal P-Funkers only made superficial use of funkadelica (with the notable exception of Dr Dre), Outkast were elbow deep in it.
Then there was "Benz or a Beemer" off the New Jersey Drive soundtrack - a great marriage of intelligence and nihilism. Then, ATLiens was the last album before Andre really dove in the deep end - not that there was anything wrong with that.

Seriously, if you haven't already, get your ass over to iTunes and check out Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and ATLiens. I mean, really.

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