Friday, March 03, 2006

Stuff | March 3, 2006

  • New isht up on [dc]. Meh. Wish there was a time to come up with a movie poster. Also, after putting up Angelina's post on queer threads for straight dudes, I saw this guy on the subway with a fedora, manfur and a white laptop purse. Awesome. He got off at 23rd & 8th (no homo), naturally.

  • I'm usually okay with not having cable TV. Then you see stuff like this, Fiona Apple's "Not About Love" video starring Zach Galifianakis, and I have second thoughts about not plunking money down for Time-Warner (via esg):

    (YouTube link)

  • Straight Bangin' and MOKyB have me really excited about the new Ghostface.

  • So I find out about LA producer dert through g vs. b; he's created "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow", a mashup project that mixes artists like Common and Kanye with Jose Gonzalez tracks, and the result is surprisingly good. Mashups can be meh beyond the novelty value, but this stuff is unexpected and stands out on its own.

  • "No, soccer is crystal meth. It's very addictive, but really messes up your teeth. I guess I've never viewed soccer as some sort of controlled substance. To me, it's probably more like Nutella. The rest of the world clearly loves it and puts it on almost everything, but here in America we're like, 'I don't know, man, it tastes like almonds'." -- Jon Stewart

  • Are you J.J. Red-y to get J.J. Redick-ulous? To be honest, I'm not yet and ESPN's ain't-no-such-thing-as-saturation coverage is a bit much. But Deadspin gets the Dook vs Carolina Weekend off to a nice start. Woo.

  • Okay, the rest of the post is pretty sports heavy. Just sayin, FYI.

  • What kind of career options are there for corrupt soccer refs? Well, you can be an American football ref, for one.

  • The Gawker comment invite finally shows its true value. Falsely accuse a guy of anti-Semitism, get a timely response. As for his question, "How dare you accuse me of being an anti-Semite", well, that's because I'm an asshole, for one thing.

  • I'm about a week late on this, but a Vince Carter spring break video joke: You see, Vince starts out really aggressive, getting real close to the girl for like the first 10 seconds, then the other guy comes in, and Vince spends the rest of the time dancing about 20 ft away from the girl.

  • James Dolan gets April Fools started a month early: "You have to look at how you're doing on your 3-4 year plan. It's still early. I know it's hard to take when it's 15-41, but the mistake would be to say the strategy is wrong. The strategy is right."

  • How do you say "Stop snitchin'" in sign language? Deaf soccer fans accuse Liverpool's Jamie Carragher of making racial taunts.

  • Some of the slightly less embarrassing Chinese character tattoos worn by NBA players.

  • You know, the cheerleader photos in's photo galleries aren't unlike the Double Whopper. If you haven't experienced it in a while, you sort of crave it and you get all excited when you're about to get your fix. Then you take a bite.
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