Thursday, October 20, 2005

Heavy rotation

So I did a Top 15 Singles of 2005 (so far) couple of weeks back, but here are 10 songs that didn't make the 15 or I picked up recently but getting repeat plays on my antique 2003 Edition iPod.

  • Elliott Smith - "Thirteen" (Big Star cover)
    The big Elliott Smith story this week has been the newly discovered unreleased tracks but I'm digging his three cover songs on the Thumbsucker soundtrack. In any case, you can never have too many Elliott Smith songs. Unless you're feeling really down.

  • M.I.A. - "Everyday I Love You Less and Less" (live)

    I mentioned this a couple of posts back, but there's something about this track that I can't stop listening to it. I got tired of "Galang" and "Bucky Done" pretty quickly, but not so much with this one.

  • The Cardigans - "I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer" / The Cardigans - "Give Me Your Eyes"

    So the new album is out pretty much everywhere but the US and I'm still not sure if I should pay the import or wait for the US release, but after listening to three tracks off this, I'm thinking I should shell out the dough for this.

  • Jaymay - "The Only One I Love"

    I'm thinking Jaymay's one of those artists who people want to hear more of and would get radio play if she ever made it that far, but labels don't know what to do with her - she's a bit like Nora Jones without the jazz-nostalgia audience and a bit like Feist without the Broken Social Scenes connection. Then again, I didn't think Clap Yeah would blow up that big, so what do I know? Anyway, she's been putting serious performance time on the Lower East Side lately and the above track's from her Living Room residency earlier this year. There's more Jaymay mp3s here and here.

  • Rhymefest - "Build Me Up"

    Come for Ol' Dirty Bastard singing "Why do you build me up, buttercup baby", stay for the guy who wrote "Jesus Walks" saying things like "I wanna get up in that bush like Dubya".

  • Bloc Party - "Two More Years"

    I'm not sure what to expect from Bloc Party's next release. I'm prepared for a letdown but deep down inside, I'm hoping they would make mince meat out of Silent Alarm.

  • Ghostface - "Be Easy"

    There's never a dull moment at a Ghostface concert (except maybe the 3 hours between the door opening and the first act getting on stage), but it gets a little too exciting sometimes.

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Maps"

    Sometimes, it takes a while to really appreciate a song, to get the hype or the backlash out of the way. In the case of "Maps", it was a whole year.

  • Blackalicious - "Your Move"

    I'm not sure what to make of this track. It gets my head nodding and Gift of Gab is still on my Top 5 of most technically gifted rappers, but there's just something about it. I like it, but I don't love it, which is disappointing since I've had such high expectations since Blazing Arrow. Yet, there's something really infectious about the production.
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